About our construction network

We connect resources through our collaborative network so you can finish your construction project on schedule and within budget. These resources range from the most straight forward construction tools to the most complex machinery. At the same time, we help you to increase the productivity of your underused or unused resources.

What BUSSCOLLAB is about

Collaboration in construction projects based on underuse or unused resources

Construction companies are facing significant challenges due to the increase in the price of their resources and raw materials, which makes it difficult to budget accurately throughout the construction project. We want to help construction companies quickly and cost-effectively find the needed resources, but with little or no impact to budget.

We believe the sustainable use of resources can provide a rewarding experience for companies that interact with Busscollab. Through our platform, every underused or unused resource can be profitable to the company while contributing to building a world with less waste.

Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by creating a sustainable and interconnected ecosystem for resource exchanging.

We envision a future where construction companies can seamlessly collaborate, exchange resources, and maximize efficiency, resulting in cost-effective and timely project completion.


Meet Our Team

Thais Medina

Founder / CEO

Sam Jaimes


Andre Castagnola


Tomi Isturiz


Yohelyn Parra

Office Coordinator

Is Jaimes

Human Resources

Veronica Ruz

Purchasing Coordinator